The Hospital of St John, Heytesbury


There are 37 units of accommodation in total, of which two are allocated to staff, one as the Guest Flat and one as the Office. The accommodation is contained in a number of buildings including a Georgian Grade II Listed building together with two-storey apartment buildings, and bungalows constructed between 1970 and 1976.

In addition, there is a Chapel, where our chaplain holds services on Wednesday and Sunday Mornings.

The Residents' Hall with kitchen are for communal use, ideal for private function to celebrate a birthday with your family.

There is a laundry room which is free for residents to use, fitted with three washing machines and a Tumble dryer

For residents' visitors, there is a Guest Flat with sufficient room to sleep up to 4 people. Residents may make bookings through the House Supervisor or the Administrator, a modest charge is made for the use of this facility.

Type of AccommodationThe Hospital of St. John comprises the following accommodation:

  • One large apartment in the Grade II listed building with two bedrooms
  • Eleven smaller apartments in the Grade II listed building, each with one bedroom
  • Five large apartments in a modern building with two bedrooms
  • Nine apartments in modern buildings with one bedroom
  • Three bungalows with two bedrooms
  • Seven bungalows with one bedroom
  • One three bedroom house for Staff

Cost of Accommodation
The cost of accommodation varies dependant on the size of the apartment or bungalow, an additional charge is made for water services which includes, water supply, sewage, heating and hot water.

Please contact the Administrator further information.

There are a limited number of garages available for residents to rent, and these are allocated on an assessment of need.

Current Availability

Please contact the Administrator for further information about availability.

A list of eligible applicants is held by the Administrator.