The Hospital of St John, Heytesbury

Applying to join the St John’s Community

Qualifying for Residency

Those who are considering residency at St John’s must meet the terms of the St John’s Charity Commission-approved Scheme. In particular, preference is given to those 60 years of age or older and those that are local. Applicants must be in social or financial need, in good standing in the community and able to live independently. For historical reasons, we are called a ‘hospital’ but we do not provide nursing care of any kind.

Applicants must be in ‘good standing’ in their community and financially or otherwise ‘in need’. Many residents receive Housing Benefit which goes a long way towards covering the monthly contributions they are required to make towards their upkeep at St John’s.

The residents run a social committee which provides an important dimension to life at St John’s and applicants must be willing to contribute to community life in one way or another and to attend periodic whole-community events such as our annual Patronal service and carol service.

Residents occupy dwellings as licensees, they are not tenants but beneficiaries of the St John’s charity, and it is important to understand that normal tenants' rights do not apply. It is a rare occurrence, but trustees can set aside a resident's license under certain circumstances.

The Application Process

Those wishing to be considered for residency are asked to contact the Administrator in the first instance and arrange an informal visit – this is an opportunity to meet the staff, ask questions and get a feel for the community.

If this visit is successful a formal application can be made and if it meets St John’s requirements an interview will be arranged with two local trustees. A successful interview will mean the name of the applicant will be added to the register of applicants.

Allocation of Dwellings

As a suitable dwelling become available, it is offered to the applicant on the list considered to have the greatest need. Those applicants with mobility issues will usually be offered dwellings on the ground floor. Two-bedroom dwellings are much in demand and will only be offered to couples.

Under the terms of our Scheme, the Trustees give priority to applicants who have a connection with Heytesbury and its surrounding area. They may have lived locally or have local next of kin.

Once a dwelling is accepted by the applicant we will work with them, and where necessary Social Services and next of kin to keep the resident in that dwelling for as long as they wish, provided it is safe for them to stay and for as long as they comply with the community-based Rules and Regulations (please click to view). It is not uncommon for a proportion of our residents to be living here contentedly well into their 90’s.


There are 36 units of residential accommodation in total. In addition, two are allocated to staff.  Accommodation is contained in several separate buildings including the Georgian Grade II Listed ‘Old Hospital’ ; two-storey red-brick apartment buildings; single-storey flats and various bungalows constructed between 1970 and 1976.  Dwellings are in high demand and applicants are advised to be realistic about what is available at the time they are looking for a dwelling. Other than on medical grounds it is unlikely residents will be allowed to change dwellings after they have arrived.

The community supports a Chapel, where our chaplain holds services on some Wednesday and Sunday mornings for those who wish to attend and provides pastoral care for those that wish it.

If you join St John’s you are joining a community with a Residents' Hall with a kitchen for communal use. This hall is also ideal for a private function such as a birthday celebration with your family.

There is a laundry room which is free for residents to use, fitted with three washing machines and a tumble dryer

For residents' visitors, there is a Guest Flat with sufficient room to sleep two adults and two children.  Residents may make bookings through the House Supervisor, a modest charge is made for the use of this facility.

There are extensive gardens for residents and their guests to enjoy and keen gardeners can work small allotments.

Type of Accommodation

The dwellings comprise:

  • One large flat in Grade II listed building with two bedrooms.
  • Eleven smaller flats in Grade II listed building, each with one bedroom.
  • Five large flats in a modern building with two bedrooms.
  • Nine flats in modern buildings with one bedroom.
  • Three bungalows with two bedrooms.
  • Seven bungalows with one bedroom.

Cost of Accommodation

The cost of accommodation is below market rates and varies depending on the size of the flat or bungalow. An additional modest charge is made for services which include, water supply, sewage, heating and hot water. Residents pay for their electric usage and Council Tax.

Please contact the Administrator for further information.


There are a limited number of garages available for residents to rent, for their cars and mobility scooters.