The Hospital of St John, Heytesbury

The Charity

The Aim of the Charity

The aim of the Charity is to provide accommodation and services for people in need, such as to allow them to live independently in a sheltered environment. Applicants must be over 50 years of age, and priority is given to inhabitants of Heytesbury and its surrounding area.

The Charity employs the following staff:

  • One Administrator (part-time). Responsible to the Chairman of the Trustees. All other staff apart from the Chaplains are responsible to the Administrator. The Administrator conducts the day to day business of the Charity, including handling new applications for residence.
  • One House Supervisor (full-time). The House Supervisor is on duty from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. At all other times there is no emergency cover for the residents; they have to dial 999 for assistance.
    Please note, the Charity does not provide any Nursing or Medical Care. An Agency Relief House Supervisor is employed when required to cover absence.
  • One Site Supervisor (full-time). The Site Supervisor keeps the grounds in good order, operates the heating and hot water system, and carries out maintenance tasks.
  • Two Domestic Cleaners (part-time). The Cleaners care for the common areas of the property including the Residents' Hall, Chapel and guest room.
  • In addition the Charity has appointed two Chaplains (neither are resident) who conduct regular services in the Charity's Chapel and provide pastoral care to the residents.