The Hospital of St John, Heytesbury

 The Charity

The Aim of the Charity

The Hospital of St John provides homes for people in need, allowing them to live independently in a supported environment. Applicants must be over 60 years of age, and priority is given to the inhabitants of Heytesbury and its surrounding area. Applicants who live further away but have local NOK are also considered.

Residents Status

Residents are beneficiaries of the charity and occupy dwellings under licence. They pay a below-market level contribution towards costs. Residents are required to comply with Hospital rules and regulations designed to foster a sense of community which has been an essential element of the life of this Almshouse since 1472.  Being a licensee means that tenancy rights do not apply to residents.

The Charity employs the following staff:

  • An Administrator (part-time). Responsible to the Chairman of the Trustees for the administration of the staff, residents, hospital site and the application process.
  • A House Supervisor (full-time). The House Supervisor is on duty from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday and is best described as the residents' ‘good neighbour’. The Charity does not provide any nursing or medical care or emergency cover for the residents and those residents considered vulnerable will be required to install a commercial support line.
  • Site Supervisor (full-time). The Site Supervisor keeps the grounds in good order, operates the heating and hot water systems, and carries out or arranges maintenance tasks in each dwelling.
  • Two Domestic Cleaners (part-time). The Cleaners care for the common areas of the property including the Residents' Hall, Chapel and guest room.
  • In addition, the Charity has a part-time Chaplain and services take place in the Charity's Chapel. Pastoral care is also provided for residents.