The Hospital of St John, Heytesbury

The Trust

Aim of the Trust
The aim of the Trustees is to administer and manage the property of the Charity in accordance with the Scheme of the Charity Commission.

Organisation of the Trust
The affairs of the Charity are determined by the body of Trustees, who receive no remuneration. The ex-officio Trustees are nominated by the Scheme of June 2018. The co-opted Trustees are local competent persons each appointed for a 4 year term by a resolution of the Trustees passed at a special meeting.

The Trustees hold quarterly Ordinary meetings and to allow for the continuous conduct of activities between Ordinary meetings Trustees appoint each year, sub-committees from their number to deal with Finance, Maintenance and Insurance and House matters. These sub-committees may co-opt members of staff of the Charity as appropriate.

The sub-committees report to the Ordinary meeting of the Trustees each quarter for confirmation of their actions and recommendations.

The Trustees:
Mr Tim Etchells - Chairman
Mr Jonathan Wansey - Vice Chairman
Revd Canon Ed Probert
Richard Blandy
Mrs Amanda Cheesley
Mr Clive Gibson
Reverend Robin Hungerford
Mrs Sue Neville
Mrs Christine Sitwell